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I'm still alive and I do actually still collect! Gets Post

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I cannot believe USUM is THIS FRIDAY and Thanksgiving is next week, how crazy is that?! I don't post too much on here anymore as I've moved to Twitter mostly for Pokémon related things. Also, with living with my parents again, I don't have my collections out on display anymore so I can't really photograph my updates and keep my sites updated (man those have been seriously neglected). I do plan to move out again in the summer though, so I'm really looking forward to that. Also, my parents had their kitchen redone (which is why my gets photos are so messy, sorry) and now I have big boxes and plan on weeding out a bunch of my collection such as my Magikarp/Gyrados, Lucario, and rest of my Wailord collections after the new year. If you have any wants from those collections, please let me know, I'll be glad to see if I have anything you may want! So that's about it for my update. Before I get into the merch, figured I'd give a special showcase to this little bugger:

I got sick of trying to hatch a shiny Stufful, so I took a break and chained for a while and got shiny beldum. I'm currently chaining for shiny Alolan Vulpix to take a break from breeding shiny Litten (6 PERFECT IV LITTENS BUT NO SHINY WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!)

Anyway, now on to the gets! I've been using buyee cause I'm lazy and it's so much easier to use than others even though it is more expensive. I rather pay more than use a deposit system, it's just like buying directly from eBay now. So I got this big box today:

Ironically it only has 4 items in it. I expected it to be this big because one of the things I ordered was in it's box, but the others I didn't expect to be so big:

The newest fuzzy Flareon and Sylveon Banpresto plush. They are SO much bigger than I expected. They look smaller in the photo but you'll see them later on in the group shot.

Nothing too exciting here. I always had the secret sylveon PT tin with Sylveon and Eevee and was too lazy to get sylveon, so I figured why not, already ordering this other stuff. So I picked it up.

Lastly, I had been thinking about these plush. I was a little salty during their release, but finally feel better after my breakup and decided I did in fact want this cute pair, so I found a cheap set for bidding, won with no competition, and here they are!

Tah dah! The adorable MokoMoko Pikachu Happy Wedding Set. I plan to use these when I actually do get married one day! These guys are so stinking cute!

Here's a group shot with everything. You can kind of see the size of the newest Banprestos. Sereiously guys, they're big and SOOOOO fuzzy!!! :3 Jpnstuffs comes back from their vacation tomorrow and I look forward to a soon shipping update for their 1:1 plush with my new Litten New Years merch! :D SO excited!

Thought I'd throw this in on the end. One of my favorite plush artists scragster was willing to add on a small commission for me during their last round about and I had to throw in their angry nuggets!

You can click for a larger image. These 2 are soooooooo stinking cute!!! Giant Entei has to stay in the basement for now, so I took them down on a field trip to do a small photo shoot. LOOK AT THE ANGRY NUGGETS!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I love their work and I could not be happier! :D I have a mini collection of their plush work XD one of these days I need to do a group photo!

That's it for now! Thanks for looking everyone!
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