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giant sylveon get~♥

Hello there, it's been a while ^^' My collection is still mostly in storage and I'm in dire need of reorganising my room before showing off most of what I currently have so I've mostly been lurking for some time now aha. Once I get everything in order I'll do a re-intro since a lot of people probably don't even know who I am lol.

For now though, just wanted to share my new bab, Big Baby~!

So to be honest I'm kind of tired of Eevee merch, but I think I'll always have a soft spot for Sylveon (it's just too darn cute~!) I wasn't overly impressed with the first images of these plush, since most of them had kind of derpy faces (which thankfully didn't happen with the final plush from the pics I've seen) but typically Sylveon, the one I'd be the most tempted by, looked perfect even in the mockups T.T I can't generally afford to make such big purchases in one go, so I jokingly asked a friend if she thought anyone would accept a custom plush in return for one, and she volunteered~! So thank you so so much to her, without her I wouldn't have this giant precious fairy~♥

I came home from work to find a giant box in my door way, and she's a bit bigger than I imagined haha

(please excuse my messy room ^^')

I've named her Big Baby (Baby or BB for short) and she's currently standing guard on the end of my bed because I have no where else to put her haha

I'm really happy to have her in my collection, as reigning princess of my room haha, and she's made me even more determined to try making some giant plush in future~!
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