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Introduction, and seeking Mystery Dungeon merch!

Hi, everyone! I'm super excited (and a little nervous!) to be joining the community! After collecting everything Pokemon for a nice chunk of my life, I decided to 'specialize' in Mystery Dungeon items, and my collecting has really taken off lately. However, I still have quite a few things I haven't been able to find, so I'm seeing if here's the place! I'll put images of specifics under the cut, but if you've got any other PMD stuff you're looking to part with that I haven't listed, please do let me know!

First, and absolutely my top priority, would be the Chikorita and Torchic base figure sets! I have the other four houses, and have been trying for somewhere around 10 years to collect the entire set.

I'm also after both of these Blue/Red Rescue Team preorder plushes. I actually do have both in my collection, but lacking their scarves and tags. Charmander is a higher priority for me (since that's me in PMD!).

All three of the North America DVDs have more recently become a goal for me, so I've probably missed a pretty great deal of recent listings.

I know there's been some on eBay for quite a while, but if anyone here has the mini pak kits, I wouldn't mind avoiding eBay.

The Jakks Sky plush set, minus Pikachu, who is the only one I have.

Japanese Time/Darkness era plushes (I may be wrong on this?). I also am seeking the pikachu with the green chest, I just didn't want to add an extra picture just for him.

And finally, they're not as high of a priority, but I'm after the NFR carts for Red Rescue, Blue Rescue, and Sky (I have Time/Darkness), plus the official game guides for all games (the full guides, not the Time/Darkness preorder books). Unless you have one for super cheap, though, I probably wouldn't buy just a guide, since they're not too hard to find, haha.

Anyways, thanks for looking, and please do let me know if I've made any mistakes with this post! I read through the guides and such, but I can't help but worry. ^^"
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