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Small sales/offers!

Hello everyone!

I'm here today with just a few small sales.
Some tcg codes, mcdonald tcgs, a Banette chess piece for offers, a zukan, and a mix lot of plush, figures, charms, etc!

Also, I forgot in my long wore out sleepyness of last night a couple pokedolls I was gonna add to my sales! xD;
There's some Genesects pokedoll and items and a JPN Zoroark pokedoll!

Sales preview picture!
Click the cuts to see them better!

I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on jan 2, 2011

I accept paypal only
I ship from MI, USA
Shipping is NOT included in the prices, unless specifically stated as so.
I will ship internationally, as long as it is understood that it is expensive, and there is no tracking unless you add even MORE to the price ;-; I'm sorry but I have no control over the price!
Once a package leaves my hands, I am not responsable for any damage or lost items. If you are concerned, please ask for insurance, but know it does cost more.
I can sometimes be slow to ship, depending on day of purchase and my schedule, but most of the time I can ship on Thursday
Commitments take priority over quotes. So be clear in what you are looking for, quote or commitment!
DO NOT back out of a commitment. Negative feedback will be left and you will no longer be able to purchase from me. If the issue is not quite enough funds, talk with me! I'm pretty reasonable as long as you really want the item and I have no issues with holding the items for you!
I will hold item(s) only for 24 hours, unless we come to an agreement otherwise
Payments should be made immediatly after total is given, but within 24 hours for sure (I understand sometimes you can get busy and not able to get back to livejournal immediatly) or we make an agreement if you need a couple days to get the funds!

I am willing to do trades, but only items from my wishlist:

Link to feedback:

Offers end November 20 @ 5pm est

Banette Chess Piece - starts at $12

Leafeon/Glaceon newer Zukan (No Jolteon) - $13

Mix Lot - $60 OBO

Croagunk mascot, Raichu HQ Plush, Espeon sleeping kuttari, flareon articulate tomy, eevee tomy (international version, looks like a attack face), Shiny Umbreon Pokebox, a couple TCG Coins (flygon, zekrom/reshiram and shaymin) Carnivine soup figure, Jolteon and Sylveon/Leafeon postcards, Luxray line and Luxray custom charms.

Custom Pancham Halloween acrylic charm - $5

Mcdonald 2017 cards - Diglett - $2, will be shipped in a top loader and envelope!
Others sold

Online TCG Codes - guardians risings x 3, Burning Shadows x1, Crimson Invasion x 3, Crimson Invasion 3pk Lucario x1 - 8 total - $5 for all of them (do not need to ship unless wanted to. I can just give the codes in a PM)

Genesect Lot - $80
Shiny Pokedoll has his tags attached. Normal pokedoll his tag is detached and is bent in a couple places, as seen in last photo, click to see bigger. And the reason the charm and coin are pictured individually is because I forgot them in the original group photo ^^;


Shiny Genesect - $40
Normal Genesect - $30
Shiny Genesect Zukan - $12
Flying Genesect kid - $3
Shiny Genesect charm - $5
Shiny Genesect coin - $1 or free with a genesect purchase

Zoroark Pokedoll JPN TTO - $30 obo

And lastly, I have these charms ordered

and I will be looking for a home for Vulpix. I plan to keep the other two and hang them on my xmas tree, but I don't really want Vulpix ^^;
So she is up for claim!

CLAIMED: hokeypokeyboop
She will be $6 before shipping, wont need to pay until I get it!
Tags: banette, croagunk, eevee, espeon, flareon, genesect, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, luxray, pancham, raichu, sales, umbreon, vulpix, zoroark
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