Kirsty (kirsty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

♡ Wishlist and Sales Reminder! ♡

♡ Howdy howdy ♡

Want to put my newly updated wishlist out there for any potential sellers! I'm also looking very seriously for a few miscellaneous items that some collectors in this community may be able to assist me with... ?
Click to go to my full wishlist --->

(Sidenote: I'm aware that there are listings for many of these things on eBay and a few comm members are doing pickups, but I am hoping to find LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES on Vulpix items!)

♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡ - ♡

I also wanted to drop in another gentle reminder about my PINK SALE on Pokemon items, exclusive for the PkmnCollectors comm!
Click for my sales --->
Tags: figures, jigglypuff, plush, pokedoll, sales, tcg, vulpix, wanted
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