codthecollector (codthecollector) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking For PokeCen Plush Checklists Pre-Gen 7

Hello everybody! :D Recently I posted an entry about how I've decided to start a Pokemon Center plush collection. In order to keep track of my progress, I'm trying to find lists of the standard poke plushes produced by the Pokemon Company over the years. I went to look at Pokeshopper, and while they have very helpful and complete lists of the Gen 7 plush releases, I haven't been able to find any lists of plush releases prior to Gen 7. I was wondering if anyone had a checklist that I could use to help me keep track of my collection...or if anyone could point me to a checklist! There is a chance that I could just be overlooking something. Anyways, thanks as always for your guys's help and dedication :D Happy collecting! 
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