mijumari (mijumari) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Magikarp keychains group buy

Hey, remember that addicting game? Well, its your chance to own your favorite magikarp, lol.

Each acrylic keychain is 6.5 plus shipping/fees.
Please note that I will only buy the box if all the items are claimed.

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on may 7th, 2017
-All community rules apply
-My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net…
-I do not sell to banned/non members
-Banned from my sales: mabelgkim
-I only accept Paypal, prices are in USD and do not include paypal fees
-I ship from Peru and ship worldwide, prices do no include shipping unless stated
-Asking for a quote/expressing interest does not give you priority over an item, I will sell to the first to commit
-I only accept haggling on items that say OBO
-I can hold items for 24 hours if you're committed, backing out will result in negative feedback
-I usually ship within 3 days
-I have cats
-I ship in bubble mailers, if you would like your stuff shipped in a box, let me know, however this will increase shipping
-Shipping from Peru starts at $4.3
-I ship in bubble mailers, if you would like a box, let me know, though that will increase shipping
-Tracking is $3 extra, I'm not responsible for lost items if you dont add tracking.

-There will be 2 payments, first for middleman service and second for shipping from me to you.

-Pink - Hollyasevenx
-Grey - Diamondphantom
-Gold - Mijumari (me)

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