prismarine (prismarine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Box Keychains

Greetings the all-knowing community! I knock on your doorstep with...a humble "most likely someone will have this item on-hand" show-and-tell request.

Has anyone purchased a copy of Ultra Sun and or Ultra Moon with the respective mascot keychain inside the box? In the U.S., there's copies sold with keychains at Target and Walmart, better known as "Starter Bundles" (comes with a code for 12 Revives, too). I'm looking to purchase one of these versions, but am trying to reason out how long I can wait on the decision versus possibly missing out on the keychain. Yet, try as I might, I'm surprised to find I haven't found much of any definitive imagery of these keychains on the Internet (looking at you, Google and eBay).

NONETHELESS, WHERE ARE ARE POKé-COLLECTORS, THERE ARE BOUND TO BE ANSWERS. <3 If anyone can point me in the right direction where I might find close-up photographs of these keychains themselves, I would super appreciate! Thank you so much!
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