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Some gets + Other things and whatnot

Hi guys!! I think in my last post I said something about probably not posting anything until after christmas... welp I guess that didn't work hehe
I got some new things, and I have a question on some figures, and some other things!

Everything will be under this cut :3

Okie! so here is a bunch of stuff. The figures are from a lot on Ebay; but some things are from local pickup. Yes, the Pokemon TCG tins- Rayqauaza/Typhlosion, I got at a local card shop. They had lots of pokeymon goods; I was so excited!! They also had pins; I just got 3, which are custom made but still none the less AMAZING, I think. I got a great price on the tins too; I really only was able to scrap by with some pocket change but I made it work :3

This is one of my favorite figures that I got recently. I love how majestic it looks, for being such a tiny figure and everything, it really is quite amazing.

I don't really know what this is quite yet. It's like a little book thingy. Inside comes out a bunch of stickers in an accordion style fold up, and an insert for other ones in the series of different pokemon on the book.

So these things. They are like, well when I first saw them I thought they were candy holders of some sort; they have a bottom opening that looks like it could fit a pencil, and they have a crack in the middle that can break them in half (well, they are still connected at the bottom but still), and it comes with a little red keychain too. I feel like I've seen these around before but I don't know their names. Anyone know what they are called??

More gets too; I got the espeon V-trainer finally :3 I was really surprised by how SMALL it is. I suppose the image probably doesn't give a good representation; but believe me, espeon is a pretty small dude compared to his other friends in the V-trainer family. Ekans is there for a half attempt at a size comparison, also just because I like him hehe :3

Lastly, I think in the past few posts I've made i've been having talk of a website. I have put many, many many hours into this project; I recently switched from weebly to wixsite, after seeing one on here that looked awesome. I have to say, it was probably the best decision I have made, as I'm WAY happier with the layout now, and it is very faster and easier for me to use.
However, the thing is that I am still finding ways to be unhappy with it. I know I should buckle down and JUST LINK IT, but I am still uneasy about it. It's a very personal site to me, and I want it to look really good before I show others, but I am still a bit hesitant. So, I am sorry to those if you have been interested in viewing; I really need to think about it and wait until my unease passes, hopefully. So my website public reveal will be postponed for the time being, sorry about that ;_;

Anyways!! I hope you all have a good week. I am excited for thanksgiving, the entire christmas season just makes me really happy honestly!!

That's about it for now; Thank you for reading today! :3
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