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My Babies finally arrived!!! And Quick Pin, Charm, and Litten Weeding Sale

Ahhhh!!! Finally got my 1:1 vee’s from jpnstuffs!!!

And for anyone wondering, this is how they compare to the original P.C. giants! Entei is a little salty that he’s shorter than the pink fairy puff next to him.

Just some quick sales of some extra stuff I had around after weeding down my litten collection to things that were more meaningful to me.

Quick Rules:
1. Normal Pkmncollectors rules apply, first to commit gets first dibs.
2. Shipping from the US starts at $2.90 domestic, $11 to Canada, $13.50 international.
3. Prices listed under photos, do not include shipping or paypal fees. Post is ctrl+F friendly.
4. Backing out of a committed sale results in immediate negative feedback.
5. Sales permission granted: Aug 3, 2011 by denkimouse
6. Feedback:

Darumaka Pikachu 2016 New Years Charm:
Rowlet 2016 New Years Charm: $10
Rowlet 2016 US Christmas Pin *RARE*: $20
Pikachu 2017 Worlds Pin: $5
Dartrix US Pin: $7***
Decidueye US Pin: $7***
Rowlet 2017 Worlds Pin: $10 (Hold for chaos_21)
Lunala Pin: $7***
***willing to trade these pins for the US Flareon pin as it is equal value

2016 Litten Ramune Candy Pack: $12
2016 PC Rowlet, Litten, Pikachu, and Popplio Chocolate Chou Wrapper: $2
2017 PC Litten Lollipop: $3
2017 Skytree PC Sugar Butter Rusk Biscuit ft Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten: $3
2017 Lunala Can Badge: $10

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US!!!
Tags: litten, pikachu, rowlet, sales
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