poke_zula (poke_zula) wrote in pkmncollectors,

You guys!!! I can't believe what I found at a mall today!!

2017-11-20 10.54.02.jpg
A GROWLITHE (mini) backpack. Growlithe. All Growlithe. Never in 1000 years did I think I could walk into a mall in the United States and find anything featuring Growlithe. This is insane. Growlithe has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I got into Pokemon (over a decade ago!), and it's always disappointed me that it has such little merch.

I found this at a store new to the mall I went to called "Box Lunch." They were also selling Japan-exlclusive merch like Sanei All-star plush and a GEM Ash figure.

They had a Growlithe clutch wallet, too! Click the cut for bigger pics of the backpack and for pics of the wallet.

The bag is a pricey $60 USD, and the wallet is $40. But their website is having a 30% sale today, so it brings the prices down a bit.

I admittedly bought the bag since the sales lady price-matched the website price for me, so if you'd like more pics, let me know.
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