shinningbrandon (shinningbrandon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction + collection show off

Hi, my name is Brandon. I’m new to pkmncollectors. I’ve found out of this community recently. Like you guys of this community, I love and enjoy Pokémon, so much that I collect their merchandise. Though my certain passion in Pokémon are Shiny Pokémon. Yes, the very hard to find 1/8192 chance colour variants of Pokémon in the core games AKA alternate coloured Pokémon. And with that passion, I apply it to the merchandise I collect, mainly plushies that is, but specificly Pokémon Center originals. I’ve since then completed my collection for the most part, some hard to find and some were easy and accessible to obtain. Here are some pictures:

Of course, there are many Shiny Pokémon plushies that I don’t have, that are most likely too expensive, or out of my reach, such as the giant gold magikarp, Crown beast pokédolls(shiny entei, shiny raikou, and shiny suicune), and Tomy shiny Unova starters. But I’m happy with what I have, and excited for whatever shiny Pokémon plush they put out.

And no, none of them are fake. All bought from Japanese sellers on eBay and online stores like Pokevault.

Thanks for reading, hope we can be friends :)
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