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Custom Christmas Mightyena Plush!


Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- If you want an item please clearly state that you are going to commit!
- I will sell to the first person who commits to the item
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item!
- I ship world wideMy Feedback:

Long time no post!
So I got super inspired one day and NEEDED to make a Christmas Mightyena plush!
I then decided to make an alternate shiny version!

I put my own spin on their designs especially in the face and with the tuft on the shiny one.

They are both up for sale as well in my store envy! (hence the sales permission)

They are quite large too! See them compared to the new Christmas plush!

Well thought I would share these boys here! Thank you for taking a loot and happy holidays!
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