rebekahraichu (rebekahraichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What are these Korean plush? Are they legit?

Hello community! I come to you with a weird question. I was browsing eBay, and I came across these weird Korean Vulpix plushies. They look a little bit different than the usual bootlegs, and I know Korea sometimes has its own excluisve merchandise, so can somebody tell me about these? Their tags say "3rd Round". The seller is also selling what looks like obvious bootlegs as well, though.
The seller is in South Korea. If anybody could give me some more information about these, that would be really helpful!

Standard plush they are selling:

(More under the cut):

Here are the obvious bootlegs:

So, if the other plush are legit and are Korean exclusive, can I trust the seller, since these ones are obvious bootlegs?
Tags: vulpix
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