Ivy (serpifeu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Sentret and Furret PC Plush

Hello! :3
I received the new Sentret and Furret Pokemon Center plush today and thought that maybe some of you would like to see them, so I took some photos. :3 They are great quality and so soft. I think the pattern is very authentic.

The tags. I always cut the tags off and keep them in a binder because I like the art. :3

Sentret! '^'

And Furret! :>

Back view. Furret is 20 inches long. Sentret is around 16 inches from the tail to the top of the ears.

Furret is wired from the tail to the head. You can bend the plush but you can't really "pose" it. I think it's a cool idea anyway! ^-^

Aand the paw pads! :3
Tags: furret, sentret
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