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Gets + mimikyu collection update

Hey there everyone! These past two months I have gotten quite a few new stuff for my collection, some even from members of this community! :)

First thing I wanna show is my mimikyu collection since I finaly organised it on a shelf of its own!

I'm so happy with how it looks rn!

First here are some new mimikyu flats (and a figure) I obtained!
The halloween postcards are super cute I think my fav is the one with gastly???
Got the postcards from gaarasyami along with a haunter puttito fig and an alolan vulpix mascot!!

Here are the plushes I got. The new ditto campaign was so hard to resist and I think I'll be getting sableye and magikarp to complete the set. My fav is Omanyte tho!! So happy he got a plush ;o;
Also I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with the eevee poncho, It feels really rushed and not the quality you expect from a pokemon center promo :/
Other than that I'm super excited to finally own a KFC dratini plush. He is the cutest!! Huge thanks to xaskax for selling them to me!

Here are some flats I got from Ku_bek (Along with 2 eevee gacha figs seen below)
I love hoarding pokemon stickers haha

I didnt get many figures this couple months but oh well!!
I had lots of fun making the lapras nanoblock.
The dragonite evo line model kit wasnt the best as the stickers just wont stay on dratini and dragonair which is a shame :( I maight just end up painting them.

Next are the mugs! I dont count those much for collection since I intend to use them but they are cute so I'm showing them x)

And last but not least!A vaporeon button and the pokemon center 2018 calendar! Its full of cute artwork and my fav is:

The one that has mimikyu on it!

If anyone is interested in seeing all the artworks in the calendar lemme know!
Anyway that concludes my get post!! Thanks for looking :)
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