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Unboxing! Grail & some other small gets!

Hello, again everyone! I just got a package from ZenMarket the other day and I thought I'd share with you. :D It has been a crazy few months as far as my collection is concerned, but I think I'll save the real collection update until after the holidays. We're getting some new shelves, so I can show everything off properly displayed. :P Anyway, here's a preview to the unboxing and the rest is below the cut!


ZenMarket had a sale a while back where their commission fee was only 100 yen as opposed to their usual 300 yen fee, so I splurged and got a few smaller items I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. ^^

I convinced kuttari Ampharos to help me with the unboxing. :)
The package arrived! It's always to exciting! I couldn't wait to get it open!

Amphy: "Let's dig in! Wow, look at all this stuff!"
ZenMarket always does a fantastic job of packaging. Everything is individually bubble-wrapped. :)

First on the list- a coin! The Meiji juice coin to be exact! I've been looking for this for a while!

Amphy: "Wait- that's not ampharos? Why did we get this?"
I got this lot for the Scrafty for a stocking stuffer for my husband. They're phone charms from the Pepsi Nex promotion!

Amphy: "What could be in this one?"
It's a modern art Ichiban Kuji prize! The screen cleaner! I'm not a huge fan of the modern art prizes, so I put this one off for a while. But I got a good deal on it and it's actually better in person!

Amphy: "A trading card? Don't tell me we're collecting the Japanese set now, too! ^^;;"
Actually, I only got this for the pog that came with the card. With the sale, it was less than $3 total- including the shipping within Japan! I didn't think too much about it at the time, but this pog is way cooler in person than it was in the picture and is now one of my favorites! The holographic pattern looks particularly cool when you move it! Not sure about it's origins though.

Amphy: "Not another card/pog set?!"
Nope! An adorable can badge! I fell in love at first sight and got it for a steal! I don't know if I'm entering the wrong search terms, but I have not been able to find ANY info on this badge. I can't even find any pics of it! What is this from?? Other than Kyoto, of course! :P

And last, but certainly not least: my grail! This was a difficult find (for a somewhat reasonable price) and I lost the darn thing twice within a week before finally managing to nab this one.

Amphy: "Is this what I think it is?!!"

Amphy: "It is! It is! No way!"

It's the pokemon time Ampharos tin/mug set! Both in perfect condition! I love the pokemon time promotion and just had to have one. This set was surprisingly difficult to find, especially considering it was only released in 2013. Too bad I was not collecting then! The Ampharos one seems a lot more scarce than the Gardevoir or Deoxys ones for some reason. I'm super glad I finally got it though! It's now one of my all-time favorite pieces in my collection- probably right under mirage Ampharos! :D

So, thanks for reading my post! And I wanted to add an additional thanks:
Thank you so much to everyone who has been friendly to me on the community! :D I do have really bad social anxiety and some other conditions (I'd rather not list) that make it particularly difficult to make friends and communicate with people (IRL and online). But everyone has been very nice and welcoming! I know that I may seem obsessive and that sometimes things don't end up sounding the way I meant/intended. ^^; But thank you so much to everyone who has put up with me! I love being part of the Community! ^^

Happy holidays!

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