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Cake and Cookie have arrived!

Hey there my fellow collectors! I received my other life size baby today as well as a few gets I have gotten recently. I would like to thank all of the awesome comm members for helping add to my collection! Im still waiting on more packages 😥 and I cant wait to show you all my WHOLE collection. (Sometime next month). Since the artifical lighting in my room sucks I added some stickers to my pics to make em less...suckish lol Alright now lets get to the good stuff!

My amazing babes, cake (right)and cookie.(left) The only 2 in my collection that I have nicknamed and I chose those names since I really love cakes and cookies.

Here is a pic of all my recent babies. Well the majority. I started collecting some without tags since I want to use some of them. The newest plush in between cake and cookie is sooo big and cute! I put her little sister (the older version) on top for a size comparison.(I'll send a better pic tomorrow)

These are all the cases and pouches I have gotten. I just love the mini backpack!
I just received more packages in the mail as of making this post so I will show you guys tomorrow! Thanks for taking the time to see my items and if you know of any sylveon merch released between 2013 and 14 let me know! 😊
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