pokechris99 (pokechris99) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zukan collection update!^_^

Hey everyone!^_^ hope the closing of this year has been a good one, for me I just finished with final uni exams and can finally put some effort into making a post:-) I thought I would just make a super short one for now showing how big my zukan collection has grown this year:

And there's all of them!^^ I'm super proud of how fast it's grown and how many rare ones I've managed to find thanks especially to a few com members!^_^ I don't think I'll ever stop collecting them, my love for zukans runs too deep haha!
Also if anyone has some older rarer zukans they looking to part with I'm interested in buying in Dec time so let me know!^^
That's it for now thanks for looking!:-)
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