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Psychic MoonShadow

Japan Gets (so far) and Pokemon Food Question!

I've been in Japan for a few days and have already gotten some great stuff! I am trying not to go overboard (especially since I'm still doing lots of travelling), but there's so much wonderful and unique merchandise here!

So far I have gone to Mega Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as other assorted places like It's Demo and Harajukku. I didn't have many specific items I wanted to buy in advance aside from the Raikou plushie and the Re-Ment sets, but it's so hard to resist all the great stuff! Plus a couple gifts, haha.

As you can tell, I am especially obsessed with food items! There is so much great stuff and I just want to buy it all for my kitchen!

My partner and I are loving the blind boxes and gachapon! She is trying to get all the poncho Eeveelutions and now has 4/8. We have also been getting the Pokemon vending machine drinks when we can! I was especially thrilled about the candy-making mold (I was looking fir that chocolate mold but was thrilled to find this! I wasn't sure if it was blind-boxed, but I tried to find a round-ish one that could be Rowlet, but I got one with Pikachu and Litten instead. I may have to get more...

I also decided to try the Mimikyu Ichiban Kuji in Kyoto and won a super cute mini plate and anime clearfile!

Now for my question: I am obsessed with trying Pokemon-themed foods, especially Pokemon pan! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any yet at 7/11, Lawsons, or Family Mart. I was wondering where are stores you can reliably find Pokemon pan or other Pokemon treats? Also the Pokemon chocolate molds with Pikachu and the Alolan starters? :o

Thanks for looking!
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