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My Small Collection, Recent Gets, and Introductions!

Hello all! I recently joined this group, and while I meant to take some photos of my collection and introduce myself earlier, I realized that the lighting where I kept everything was not the greatest. However, today I moved my Pokemon-related items to dust my shelves, so I figured this was as good a chance as any to snap some pictures and introduce myself!


These are the plushes I own! I mostly collect Pokedolls, with my first one being the Deoxys! Over the next few years, I slowly aquired the others, especially once the U.S. Pokemon Center's site opened up! I wasn't entirely aware of what I was doing at first, which is how I ended up with the Banpresto UFO Suicune and (most recently) Zygarde. They looked very similar to the Pokedoll style, but recently I found out that they were another line all together!

On a related note, over the last few weeks I've also been learning more about authenticity of Pokedolls, and I'm suspecting that a few of mine may be bootlegs, including Deoxys, Snorlax, Torchic, and Groudon. However, outside of Deoxys, these three were gifts, and as such, definitely hold sentimental value. Hopefully I can eventually identify which ones may not be authentic, and I can get their legitmate counterparts at some point. I'm just glad that I know better now, and look forward to browsing through and discussing Pokedolls here! On top of that, my first purchase (and recent gets) in Pkmncollectors was the Emboar and Mewtwo Pokedolls, and am happy with how smoothly it all went!

I'd say my biggest wants would be a complete set of the Deoxys Pokedolls--they've always been one of my favorites! I also particularly enjoy Legendary Pokemon or fully-evolved Pokemon Pokedolls, as there's something alluring about them being shrunk-down and chibi.

Otherwise, here's one of my other non-plush merchandise items:


I've grown up enjoying the Pokemon Adventures/Special Manga, and haven't been able to find much merchandise for it. When I read that there would be an art book included with the 50th Volume, I had to import a copy! It's probably one of my most prized Pokemon-related posessions, and I can't seem to find it anywhere online, so I'm glad I got it when I could! It contains a lot of similar art to what's in the recently released 20th Anniversary Illustration Book, but this one seems to have more sketches and concept art, which I enjoy flipping through from time to time. If anyone happens to know of any Pokemon Adventures/Special merchandise, let me know and I'll be on the lookout for it!

Outside of what I've shown, I own a few more common figures, such as the preorder bonuses for Pokemon Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver; as well as a few of the Pokemon Rumble NFC figures. It's a small collection, but it's a start!

Hopefully I've formatted everything correctly and my images are properly sized! I look forward to meeting members of the community and discussing merchandise, thanks for reading my post!
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