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Long overdue collection post!

Hello hello it's been actual years since I posted a standard collection update here. I figured it'd be fun to get active here again besides just making purchases so here we go!

I'm a little late to the party but I started collecting Rowlet; Mimikyu and Alolan Vulpix after playing Ultra Moon. I went through the original Sun and loved a lot of the new Pokmeon but I just didn't get that urge to collect until now.

I think I picked a good time to start because the Holiday plush this year are STINKING CUTE I can hardly stand it. I am a sucker for Holiday merch and the Alolan Vulpix this year went above and beyond I had to pick it up.

I have quite a few Rowlet items coming in the mail soon and a very very special Alolan Vulpix thing that'll ship next week. I think a lot of you that are paying attention to new plush releases can guess what that might be haha.

holiday alolan vulpix parka.jpg
Just a cute little detail I wanted to point out. I didn't notice the adorable little silver embroided stars on the parka in the photos. I love little details like this!

november 30th 2017.jpg
Here's a shot of all of the little collection bits and pieces I procured since last year at some point.
The big highlight here is that lovely Trainer Size Rowlet I managed to find at a good price from a collector on Ebay. The fabric is so nice!

When the rest of my things arrive I'll do another update for you guys; it's fun to do these again as I always love looking at other member's collection posts.

That's it for now everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves; I wish everyone safety and good collection luck!
Tags: collection update, rowlet, vulpix
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