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Wants list

Hello i'm fairly new to this community, so i decided to post a wants list of the Pokemon i collect

first is the lovely Vaporeon which is my favorite i'm looking for any items that feature vaporeon especially cards.

next is suicune which is my favorite legendary interested in plush cards figures pins etc.

then there is eevee i would love to expand my eevee collection although it's going to take over my bedroom.

i also enjoy glaceon and would love any plush or figures as i have the majority of the cards.

I've recently fallen in love with alolan vulpix and would definitely love to expand that collection.

i do enjoy both forms of riachu, but as a decent amount of merch is expensive it'll depend on the price.

i have a few side collections being Umbreon (any Pokemon talk fans)
talon flame which my friend introduced me to during my sun play through

lugia only have a few items and is a smaller collection due to the expensiveness of the merch.

my friends don't really enjoy Pokemon, but one does collect emolga and one collects sylveon, so if you have any merch of those let me know!

Thank you for reading and have a good day.
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