acura0000 (acura0000) wrote in pkmncollectors,

intro and current collection

Hey guys! Started playing with Colosseum and Soul silver around 2010, i am now at the point where i can start collecting plush! I will continue under the cut~

Was off with a bad start obtaining a bootleg mega rayquaza in 2015. Felt bad about falling for something so obvious, has become a bit of a meme with me. After this i started to become more aware of sellers and now i know what to look out for haha
2016 i got a few plush still searching ebay but this year i started using other sites like buyee and have found some great things which really surprised me!

Arceus is probably my most expensive right now. I got lucky with finding the kyurem and recalled tomy groudon so cheap compared to what i see them get listed. My favorite is the lugia with broken joints i found on ebay ^^
Somehow i fit them on the side of my bed along with a huge orca and whale shark plush, gotta invest in a nice shelf...

Trying to keep all my tags in this gengar pouch. I found this lugia toy in a store that sells old game merch, the sounds kinda worked for a while but stopped and its pretty scuffed in areas. I had also found a mewtwo plush there which was one of the first pokemon plush i got. Then found a mew pokedoll and a ho-oh there but found out they were bootlegs later :(

I also found this little guy there :D

Here is the noren i was looking for in my previous post, can't hang it on my door right now so i display it above my bed. Wish i had a better way to hang then just pins, my room is still work in progress lol

My biggest goal with collecting is to get the huge tomy lugia plush. I saw pics of it on deviantart when i started playing pokemon and hopefully i can afford one in a few months or so since its what made me want to start collecting. Recently i have seen two listed on buyee and one on mandarake!
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