mintmittins (mintmittins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Its'Demo Vulpix surprise!

While doing everyone's pickups yesterday, I came across a surprise...

They came a little late! I have 4 on hand and will go later to grab more :)
They're $31 each for air, or $35 air with tracking. Comment if you want one! Check out my post from 2 days ago if you want to add other items to this order.

RULES! Please read!!
- Paypal payment only
- I ship internationally to anywhere
- No trades
- Payment should be made within 48 hours of receiving total. If you need more time please ask first.
- Please be clear and say “committed” if you want the item
- Sales permission granted 19 Feb 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
- I live in Japan, so if I don't reply right away be be aware of the time difference!
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