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Anyone Fancy a Trade? :)

Heyo i have weeded my collection and i would much rather replace my plushies then just sell them so i am offering them first for trade. :) i decided to part with many things in cluding pokedolls, kuttari plush, pokemon center plush, canvas plush and much more!

Granted sales permission by areica96 on November 7, 2015
-My Feedback can be found Here
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Chicago, IL in the United States and I do ship international (buyer is responsible if there are customs fees)

Heres a preview of what i have everything is under the cut

Cant really find any info on these other than they are banpresto puppets haha

Pokedolls and Pokemon Center plush

Canvas Plush and Pokedolls
Kuttari Plush

Here is what i am looking for but feel free to offer anything! Mainly looking for Latios, Magikarp, Munchlax, Alola Vulpix, Jolteon, Unbreon, Sylveon, Jhoto Starters, or Snivy Line

- Latios Sould Dew Strap
- Any Lati Pokepark Merch
- Latios Keshipoke
- Latios Alto Mare TCG

- Togekiss
- Alola Raichu
- Munchlax
- Snorlax
- Rockruff
- Wailord
- Rotom Wash, Fan, Frost

- Sylveon GX TCG
- Sylveon Pokepalre plush
-Sylveon Retsuden stamp
- (feel free to offer sylveon stuff i am missing a lot)

- Christmas Alola Vulpix
- Christmas Rockruff
- Sleepy Umbreon and Jolteon
- Vulpix Its demo stuff

on a side note i also collect disney pins so i may trade for those as well

of course i will trade anything from my sales post as well
my sales can be found HERE

Thanks everyone!
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