zenmekir (zenmekir) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Holiday Alolan Vulpix Comparison

Hello hello; I noticed a small difference in the Japanese and US Holiday Alolan Vulpix plushes and I figured I would share!

holiday vulpix comparison 4.jpg

holiday vulpix comparison 3.jpg

The US version of the plush has no bell! At first I thought mine was defective but I looked on the Pokemon Center store and the production photo has no bell either. The only thing I can think of as the reason is that they didn't want young children choking on it if they received one as a gift.

holiday vulpix comparison 1.jpg

Very slight differences in the pattern between m ine but there are always small differences between each plush.

holiday vulpix comparison 2.jpg
And one of the main reasons I wanted to post this was to show off that beautiful Japanese tag. The tags on the Japanese plush are always so lovely. I'll try to get a scan of it sometime for you guys!

Well that's all for now; I just figured some people might be interested in seeing this!

Tags: plush, vulpix
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