nosfurrettu (nosfurrettu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seiko Clock for trade!

Hey everyone! I have a wonderful clock I would like to trade off! It’s the musical cuckoo clock by seiko! It’s in brand new condition and has its original box (w/ manual)! Plays beautifully too. :)

Sales permission granted for baconscreation on March 2013 from Allinia.
baconscreation feedback:…
Nosfurrettu feedback:…

I am looking for a few things but will consider other plush offers as well.

Looking for:

The Pikachu Christmas light statue (he’s about 70cm tall so quite big!)

Porygon2 keychain plushplush tagged or pikachu keychain plushplush tagged

Burger King Blastoise mini plush

Also looking for prototype plush from any gen :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to trade! :D
Tags: blastoise, pikachu, porygon2, wants
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