🎁 Rayne 🎄 (bellestarrmon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
🎁 Rayne 🎄

Introduction, wishlist and part of my collection!

Hello! My name is Ray and I just recently joined this community. I have been looking forward to joining for a while! I am looking to expand my collection of my two favorite pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark. Much of my collection was lost during a move two years back. The only item I have left is the Zorua Pokedoll. Here is a picture of the merch I keep out at all times (ignore the Zephyr plush!):

I have more items in boxes in my closet. Mostly older plushies from before merch was widely available from when I was younger that I don't want to keep out anymore, along with a few small figures like the Clefable in the picture.

I am looking for two items in particular, one is a strap/keychain with both Zorua and Zoroark on it. It was from the Illusions movie, with Zorua in Zoroark's hair. It was stolen from me along with a strap with just Zorua (and a tag with it's name in Japanese). I am also looking for a large Zorua plush (not any particular one, but I want to have one to keep on my bed). I would appreciate any help obtaining these items!
Tags: collection, wanted, zoroark, zorua

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