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Sylveon wants + question

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their weekend! I have a couple wants I have been on the lookout for and I need some help.

I believe this figure is called eevee and friends? Im not 100% sure. I actually received this figure off of ebay a couple months ago and boy was I ever disappointed. Scuffs and CRAYON marks, pain rubbed off on the bows and it was dirty. I immediately received a refund and it was only the only bad experience I had off of ebay.

(Image from slothyshroom)
This is a cookie badge I have been desperately trying to get ahold of. I lost the only one I ever found in an auction.
Im also looking for a sylveon retsuden stamp, the bath salt figure and any sylveonstationary

Now onto my question. Im contemplating on buying this because Im not sure if serena is attached to sylveon on a base. Are these G.E.M figures usually like that? If not then I'll buy it. Im not a huge fan of the trainers.
I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks you guys.
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