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Eevee and Pika loves Sylveon!

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you all my pretty new additions I received in the past couple days. I hope you all enjoy!

I was SO excited to receive these today! I only need the tcg card and the collectors tin. They are soft imo but the ponchos tend to ride up in the back of both plush. I think you can take the hoods off but I wouldnt dare since it looks really difficult to put the ears back in.

Pikachu joins the party! She's so fat. XD I was a little reluctant to buy this plush since Im not a huge pikachu fan but I eventually gave in.
( Now im on the lookout for the tiny version)

Assorted sylveon gets. Its a mini clearfile,embroidered badge, eevee and sylveon keychain, pencil caps and eraser, and a drawstring bag

I was so happy to have found the rubber strap on the bottom. Another mini grail crossed off my list. The cookie tin, ornament, and twinkle dream pouch I received from awesome comm members! Thanks you guys!

Thats it for now. I'll post again when my christmas gets start pouring in. Oh yeah I have decided to start mini collections of alolan vulpix and flareon! Im so excited...while my bank account is not.😊 See ya guys later and happy collecting!
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