flaaffy (flaaffy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LF: banpresto magnemite plush

Hello lovelies! I am looking for the banpresto magnemite plush. There are a few on eBay but I’d prefer to buy from someone in the community...and maybe find a price that’s easier on the bank account. They range from $70-$100 on eBay. I missed out on one that was $45 shipped and I’m super sad/mad ‘bout it, lol. I’d love to find one around that price.
There are two versions of this plush - 2 different facial expressions..Or eyes. I’m not sure how to describe that lol. I don’t have a preference; they’re equally adorable.
I’m located in the USA.

Also - I’m getting 2 BIG pretty babies in the next few days, and a beautiful custom plush sometime this month. Can’t wait to share with y’all!

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