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Exciting gets and extras sales!!

Hello everyone!!
Omgosh I am so excited to share this with you all.
Here is a group shot of most of my recent gets (some I forgot xD; whoops! solgaleo and piakchu mcdonald toys for example!)

Some items are from a few of you amazing members!
I have here zome Z stones, Pikachu chess piece, pikachu tcg fig, pikachu tokyo strap, pikachu pitapoke (looks like he fell over for the photo haha) Pikachu pearly GET figure, pikachu keshi, pikachu mini ornament, jolteon mini ornament, jolteon zukan, jolteon game piece, jolteon custom acrylic strap, custom dusk lycanroc acrylic strap and sticker, dusk lycanroc metal strap, Charizard tcg fig, ROCKRUFF XMAS PLUSH EEEE!! Midday and Midnight Lycanroc double deck box!!!!!! Mewtwo action figure from tomy international, and Ash Pikachu sleeves, along with the movie card sleeve and a charizard/venusaur artwork (close up of it later in post)

I am extremely excited about the Rockruff and Lycanrocs deck box. I had just ordered those and it only took a week from shipped date for them to arrive O_o Brian at Pokevault is amazing ;-; He was very kind and worked to make sure to find the best and most perfect Rockruff xmas tag he had, so I could laminate it. He protected it so well too!! > w< <3

;-; so cuuuuuute!!! So happy I decided to get the Japan version. I could not miss out on this tag!!!

His little pockets can be opened!!!! @ O@ I plan to run to the craft store and see if I can't find little/mini plastic candy canes or some other small xmas items to stick out of the pockets!
Also, the inside of his jacket is a plaid red/green with gold trimming design!! Aaaaah!!!! Just too perfect!!!!! (I love plaid lol)

I should be getting the pokemon xmas metal charms (vulpix, pikachu and rockruff) this week, and I'm keeping Pika and Rockruff and plan to hang them up too, so once I get those, I'll show you them as well on the tree ^_^

Look at that artwork!! Aaaah! So cool! @ o@


The black Pokemon Card Game thing is a magnet to keep it shut! I love the look of though, too bad it's inside XD

I hadnt known these were going to be inside!!! Cool little inserts/separators with the artwork of the box! They are thick and sturdy!

The actual deck holders! I may try to keep these out of the deck box, cause again, SO COOL. But....the deck box wont stand up on its own with them out (falls face down, because of the magnet being pretty heavy), but I'm going to try to figure something out once I put them with the collection. Also pretty hard and sturdy!

And the back of the deck holders

So all in all, this is a pretty awesome deck box. Either for what it is intended or just as a collectors item. I dont plan to use mine (maybe to hold little papers, but no cards) and use it mainly as a collector piece.

I was unsure at first about buying it. I was going back and forth with myself in getting it/not getting it. Would it be worth it? Especially for how expensive it is. And I would have to say it defiantly was worth it. The art work is SO NICE.

If you are a Lycanroc lover/collector, I highly suggest this if you were even slightly thinking about it. I am not disappointed at all!

Now, I am selling the extras from my Ash pikachu deck sleeves, and the charizard artwork, as well as the Z stones for Eevee and Mew!

Click the cut to see them all as well as any other items I am currently selling!!!

Sales permission granted by Denkimouse on Jan 2, 2011

I ship from Michigan, USA
Shipping is NOT included in the prices, unless stated otherwise. Shipping starts at $3.50 for within US for packages.
I will ship internationall, but understand theres no real tracking, it can be expensive.
I am not responsible for items once they have left my hands unless you pay for insurance.
I can sometimes be slow to ship due to schedule, but most of the time I can ship on Thursdays.
Committments take priority over quotes.
Do NOT back out of a committment, or negative feedback will be left and I will ban you from my sales of any kind.
I can be pretty resonable with holds, if it is a issue of waiting to get the money prepared, I can usually wait. Talk to me! We can try to work something out :)
I might be willing to do trades. (getting wishlist updated atm)
Link to my feedback:
I am open to HAGGLING

Eevee Z stone and Mew Z stone - $2 each

Ash Hat Pikachus - $10 for a set (6 total) or $2 each
(I have 2 of each)
Pokemon: I choose you move sleeve x2 - $2 each
Charizard/Venusaur artwork x2 - $2 each

Custom acrylic Pancham halloween charm - $3

Pokebox Umbreon 2 sided charm - $20 OBO

Sylveon/Leafeon clear postcard and Jolteon clear postcard - $2 each

Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan (the newer one that came with Jolteon, but Jolteon is NOT included) - $13 OBO

Flareon articulate action figure - $5 obo
Eevee attack pose figure - $4 obo
(both are the tomy international/USA figures)
Vaporeon SOLD

Raichu I love Pikachu+ HQ larger plush, tag is attached, one tiny dot on lower belly, click second photo to see it - $25 obo

Croagunk mascot plush (jolteon is for size comparison only! not for sale) - $6

Zoroark Pokedoll Japan version, tush tag only - $25 obo

Genesect Lot - $80
Shiny Genesect Japan version - $40 - tag attached
Normal Genesect Japan version - $25 - tag detached and bent. click on tag photo to see up close
Shiny Genesect Zukan - $12
Flying Genesect kid - $3
Shiny Genesect charm - $5
Shiny Genesect coin - $1 or free with a genesect purchase

Mcdonald 2017 cards - Diglett - $2, will be shipped in a top loader and envelope!
Others sold

Online TCG Codes - guardians risings x 3, Burning Shadows x1, Crimson Invasion x 3, Crimson Invasion 3pk Lucario x1 - 8 total

$3 for all of them (do not need to ship unless wanted to. I can just give the codes in a PM)

Shinx/Luxio/Luxray flat, laminated custom charms and a Shiny aryclic luxray charm, glitter on other side, and the front side isn't completely smooth, but only noticeable in certain lighting. I've never noticed when I've had it hanging on display. Only when upclose/in hand. Came to me this way. Selling as a lot only - $10 obo

Carnivine Soup Figure - $3 or free with purchase

Thanks for looking everyone!
Hope you have a great rest of your day/night!!
Tags: charizard, croagunk, eevee, flareon, genesect, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, luxray, mew, pancham, pikachu, raichu, sales, shinx, sylveon, umbreon, venusaur, zoroark
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