nosfurrettu (nosfurrettu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

eBay lot

Was anyone on here the next highest bidder or was bidding on my figure lot on eBay? The person who won is unfortunately a person I’ve banned 6 times now and always never pays. The listing always goes to a non payment claim thru eBay. Anyway, I’m willing to offer the lot for $35 shipped if you were indeed the second highest bidder.

*I have already canceled the sale on eBay*

If no one claims this in 3 days, it’ll be posted back on eBay.

Sales permission given by allinia on March 2013 for baconscreation
Feedback here (new) And here (old).

I ship from Washinton state and ship worldwide.
I will not sell to banned members.
Pricing does not include shipping.
Shipping domestic (US) starts at $3 and international starts at $13.50.
Please ask for insurance if you are worried about an expensive purchase.
Please use the word “committed” if you are for sure going to buy.
Payment due 48 hours after committing unless otherwise talked about.
Payment plans are allowed.
Negative feedback will be left to anyone backing out of a committed purchase.
Ask for more pictures about condition!
All Pkmncollector rules apply!

Honestly I’m just fed up x(
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