Flotton (flotton) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A small sheepish update!

Hello community!
I have been expanding my collection of electric sheep, making several edits to my collection site, and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in being linked on my site.
Basically, I want to link other amazing collections out there! Feel free to add a comment if you are interested in having a small banner on my collection site's home page and a link to your sites! ^^

*Site: https://flotton.wixsite.com/mareep

Anyway, I am awaiting a pretty awesome collection update with some rare Mareep stuff on the way! Hoping that I will make a post before Christmas about my gets!
Here are some current gets that you might like to see!

A 2000 Hasbro Beanie plush with its original tag!! So happy to finally get one with a tag in such pristine condition! The tag is barely bent and has no visible scratches, so it survived very well those 17 years!

This amazing Flaaffy Onemuri Makura with its tag! She is pretty big, about 16"!

Also got this cute postcard set to complete my 2014 New Year PokeCen mareep series!

See all of the series here:

Since there isnt much more yet, might as well throw in another Mareep cosplay picture, Kyogre Mareep!

Anways, thank you for reading! Hope to make a bigger update soon!
Tags: collection update, flaaffy, mareep

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