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[Pick-Up Reminder] Card Sleeves & Deck Boxes + Its'Demo Plush

Hello everyone~

Just a quick reminder before the weekend.

General Sales & Pick-up InfoCollapse )

New card sleeve designs for December go on sale this Friday!

There are 7 designs in total:
Alola Sun & Moon, Cynthia, Volkner, Pyukumuku, Lucario, Lillie, and Espeon & Umbreon.

Each pack comes with 64 sleeves and is $15 USD + shipping.
Shipping starts at $4 USD for airmail without tracking or $8 USD for airmail with tracking.

There will also be two different card deck boxes.

The Alola Sun & Moon design is $10 USD + shipping.
The Espeon & Umbreon design is $27 USD + shipping.

As an aside, if you're still looking for some of the newly released Its'Demo mascot plush, I might be able to help depending on availability!

The mascot pair plush come with one fire type Pokemon (Cyndaquil, Ponyta, Flareon) and one winking Pikachu plush.
Each set is $30 USD + shipping.
Vulpix & Alola Vulpix pair set is $32 USD + shipping.

The single stocking Pikachu mascot plush is $20 USD + shipping.

For other Pokemon Center and Banpresto prize items I'm currently picking up, check out my main page here.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
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