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Small Collection Update and Sales!

Heyo i just wanted to share a small collection update! i know flats are not super exciting to some of you... but i finished organizing my small flats for my main collections! Latios, Munchlax Line, Soccer Pikachu, Snivy Line, and Sylveon!

also if you look at my collection and you have any thing for sale that i dont have, please leave me a link in your commments!

Gets Under the cut
and a pic as a preview :)

Look! i finally found the 5th movie Decochara Seal Holder! love this art work

I know i am missing a few Lati pan stickers and a ton of amadas...... so if ya have any lmk! ^^

Definitely missing some sylveon stickers here... but this is my collection so far!

pretty sure i have every sticker for soccer pika... but snivy line is definitely missing a ton

Munchlax has so much stuff... not even sure what i am missing... haha

than is all!
i know flats are not super exciting... but thanks for looking anyway! ^^

lastly i have updated and added a bunch of albums to my store... for pan sticker, amada, batterios, bromides, and kid stickers
here is a preview of those:
Click HERE or any pic to be transported!


Tags: latias, latios, munchlax, pikachu, sales, serperior, servine, snivy, snorlax, sylveon
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