Natural Harmonia Gropius (pokemon1981) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Natural Harmonia Gropius

Looking for a US middleman

Heyo Pkmncollectors, it's been a while.

My apologies if this type of post isn't allowed.

I'm looking to surprise my friends this christmas, and I've decided to order a few things off the PokemonCenter US site. Issue is, they don't ship outside the US, so I'm looking for a middleman that could ship from the US to Brampton (very close to Toronto). Preferably, someone close to Ontario to reduce shipping costs, and someone who could get it out fast.

The order is 5 plush, Lapras, Blastoise, Glaceon, Gengar, and Jolteon to be specific. I'm willing to pay up to 20 USD for service and shipping to Canada. Comment/Message if you could help me out.

And to make this post a little less boring, I haven't posted a collection update in a few years, but I've been collecting Mimikyu recently.

The Pokemon Company's marketing hooked me on this guy, and I feel like a sucker for it.


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