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Round Owl Delivery Day

Hello hello; the special Rowlet item I mentioned in my last post came yesterday! I'd like to share with all of you.

no title

no title
It's the Sapporo Center promo wood carved Rowlet figure! I remember seeing this a long time ago and upon knowing how much it cost I didn't think I would ever own one. A few weeks ago I came across a listing on Yahoo Japan at a buy it now price of 4,000 yen and I jumped on that immediately I am so happy to have it it's SUCH a nice thing.

Here are some photos of different angles:

no title
no title
no title

It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be which was a nice surprise. The packaging makes it look like it's something really special and it definietly is. I love hand crafted items and this is just a really pleasant looking piece. The surface is so smooth and it smells wonderful haha.

If any of you are looking for this little owl I suggest keeping an eye on Yahoo Japan and seeing if anymore pop up for a good price!
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