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Updated Sales!

Hello! I've updated my sales with some new items including some gachapon styluses and Sun and Moon Battle wheels.

International shipping is cheap as always!

Teaser pics for attention:

**Sales Permission granted on March 14, 2015 by areica96 on my old account faleepai
**My old feedback is here
**My new feedback is here
*All Community rules apply.
*I will not sell to banned or non-community members!
*All sales are final, no refunds.
*Haggling IS allowed just be reasonable, but don't be offended if I decline your offer
*Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback
*Prices DON'T include shipping unless it says (price) shipped
*You can ask questions! I don't bite (Ф∀Ф)
*Commitment takes priority
*Please be clear if you are committed to an item
*Minimum purchase is $5
-You MUST pay within 24 hours unless we have arranged something.
-Paypal ONLY!! No exceptions!

*When a package gets shipped it is out of my hands
*Shipped prices don't include shipping to international places.
*Most packages are shipped first class (But can be shipped Priority if you want it to/ if it requires it)
*I ship internationally. Shipping is never bad as long as I can fit everything in a large envelope.
*Packages will be shipped ASAP
*I ship from Atlanta, GA USA

Not right now, sorry.

Alolan Sandshrew, Jigglypuff, Komala, Tapu koko, Tapu lele, Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu tops $2 each

Pikachu top with spinner $3 x2
Nihilego top with spinner $3 x2

Lunala Top with spinner $5 x2
Solgaleo top with spinner $5
Torracat Top $5

Dusk Lycanroc Stylus $7 x2
Golisopod Stylus $5
Nihilego and Pikachu Stylus $3 each

Can be used on your 3DS!

Pikachu/Rowlet large Poster $2

Faces that go with Pika/rowlet poster will be cut out and included with poster above

Mini game pieces $5 for all
Alolan Vulpix, Mimikyu and the starters are on them

Click for Fullsize!
All Karutas in this picture are $2 a set
(a set is a BW card and a colored card of the same Pokemon)

GONE: Mudsdale

Click for Fullsize!
All Karutas in this picture are $2 a set
(a set is a BW card and a colored card of the same Pokemon includes pika and his many cards)

GONE: Marowak

Click for Fullsize!
All Karuta sets on the top row are $5 a set

All the rest are $3 a set

(a set is a BW card and a colored card of the same Pokemon)

GONE: Vulpix, Rowlet, Lycanroc, Alolan Raichu, Decidueye, Popplio, Primarina,, Litten, Incineroar, Solgaleo, Lunala and Cosmog

I phone 5C case feat lots of Kanto Pokemon $5
Raichu, Pika, Growlithe, Vulpix, Charizard, etc.

MWT Japanese ROckruff $14
Forgot to take a picture so I have to use this one

Reshiram US DX Pokedoll MWT MIP $40 x4 left
Zekrom US DX Pokedoll MWT MIP $40 x5 left
Or both for $70

I have quite a few of both of them so if you want 2 Reshiram or 2 Zekrom instead of 1 of each it is still $70 for both

Volcanion MWT Banpresto $10
Zangoose TTO Pokemon Time plush $15 $12
Samurott Banpresto TTO $7
Typhlosion Custom plush 12 inches long $10

Volcanion Korroto Manmaru MWT $5
Zorua mini strap plush $2
Archen Tomy Plush TTO $15 each $10 each
Archen MPC plush MWT $7
Volcanion MPC TTO $2
Purrloin Canvas TTO $7
Purrloin rare TOMY plush TTO $15 $10
Tyrunt US Pokecen plush MWT $15 $10
Dewott Jakks TTO plush $5

Shining legends Collectors Chest Extras
Tin $5
Stickers $.50
Notepad $1
Pencils $.25 each
Mini Binder $1

Ho-oh and Lunala Tins $3 each

Mcdonalds Promos some are a bit bent due to the way they are packaged
$1 each
Pikachu, Cutiefly, Crabrawler x2, Cosmog, Pikipek, Litten

Rowlet General Mills special Holo $4

Ash's Pikachu Promo cards $1 each
Kanto, Hoenn , Sinnoh x2, Unova, Alola x1

Build a Bear Vulpix promo $5
Jumbo Mega Lucario card $3

Crimson Invasion Toys R US lot $10
Comes with Togedemaru figure, Jangmo-o Promo and Collectors album

Crimson Invasion Prerelease empty boxes $2 each
Crimson invasion Prerelease pamphlet $1

Beautiful Sapporo Grand Opening Playing card set $8
Never used. Mint in box
Has Rowlet, Alola Vulpix, Glaceon, Leafeon and others

Lycanroc midnight kid figure MIB $7
Lycanroc Midnight MIP chupa $5

Rockruff with you charm MIP $5

Figures on the left are $3 each
Zangoose TFG, Samurott Moncolle, Samurott TOMY, Tyrunt, Zangoose zukan, Lucario zukan

Figures on the right are $1 each
Dewott TOMY, Dewott kid, Lucario keychain, Samurott TCG figure, Reshiram Bath salt, Zoroark Bath salt, lucario zukan missing aura sensors, lucario suction figure, lucario choco egg figure

Raikou Chain $1
Raikou mini clip $1
Raikou clear strap figure $2

Bulbasaur keychain $1
Tissue Packs free with purchase
Mega Charizard tissues are gone

XY diance movie pencil board $1
XY blank notebook $1
XY Pencil box $4
XY metal pencil box $4
XY pass case $2

Johto mini museum things $1 each (each comes with a box like the one on the left)
Chickorita, Cyndaquil, Sneasel, Pikachu, Pichu

Johto moving keychains $1 each
Pichu, Pikachu, Cyndaquil, Teddiursa

XY CD $2
Noivern stamp $2
Noivern Jelly Free with purchase DO NOT EAT
Noivern disk $1
Noivern gold coin $1
Noivern black coin x2 $1 each

Drampa lot $5

BW2 clearfile holder $2

Noivern clearfile $4
Johto clearfile $3

Pokemon moon sticker sheet sealed $5
Has Wimpod, Rowlet, Alolan Raichu, Lunala, Kukui, Lillie and etc.

Alola starters Kuji clearfile $4
Has Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio on it
Pokemon Anime 1000 episodes clearfile $5
Has Mimikyu and Rowlet on it

Unova pokemon clearfile $5
Unova Pokemon pencilboard $4

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