mightyena_mad_7 (mightyena_mad_7) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Empty the Sales Box sales!

It's getting too full! :O Also recently majorly updated, reorganized and open to reasonable haggling. Especially large items like the Jirachi plush, kids and bigger figures. I'm going to try and advertise my sales post more often in the new year too, I need this box for storage. Dx

Also text reminder that my clear kid auction ends December 10th! Clear Charmander, Poliwhirl, Treecko, Shiftry, Nincada, Deoxys, Regice and Snubbull kid figures. Regice and Poliwhirl have no bids and the others are still at starting bids of $1. Perhaps I did the prices too cheaply but it gets them on their way to good collector homes. ^_^

Sales link HERE or go to my profile

(this is just the top o' the box) 
Tags: plush, sales

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