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Sales & Customs

Hello pkmncollectors! It's, a while. I'll honestly be shocked if anybody remembers me. But I'm returning after a few hectic years away to sell some cards and handmade goods! I was granted sales permission by lineealba back in April of 2009.

Click on the picture above or here to go to my card sales. I have old cards from Base Set to Neo Genesis, and newer cards from the Black and White sets and onward. I don't have very much from Alola yet, though!

I also make my own custom-made plush, and I have a bunch for sale! You can find those by clicking the picture above or clicking this link. I have Eeveelutions, fire foxes, dogs, cats, and even a Bulbasaur or two for sale. And if you're dying for a plush in my style but I haven't made your favorite yet, I do take commissions!
Tags: cards, custom, plush

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