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Winter sales!

Hello, everyone!

It's almost the end of the semester, and I am looking to clear out a few things before I study abroad in January.
I've gone through both my Glaceon and plush collections, and I hope to find all of these items new, loving homes!

→ Sales permission granted by lineaalba during the summer of 2009.
Re-granted by denkimouse 26 June 2012.

Once an invoice has been given, PAY IMMEDIATELY OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please inform me if there will be a delay in your payment.

→ All prices are in USD.
No trades are accepted.
Haggling WITHIN REASON is accepted since I'm not entirely sure of each item's value and could have very well overpriced some things. Please do not be offended if I reject your offer.
→ As a standard rule, I will hold items up to 48 hours--if no further contact is received after that time, the item(s) will go back up for sale or be offered to the next person interested. I am, however, very happy to hold items for longer if you can give a specific time when you will be able to pay. If you do not pay at the time promised, you will be banned from all future sales.
→ Please make your order a minimum of $1.00.
I accept only PayPal.
→ You are more than allowed to ask for quotes, and you may back out of the sale if the item is more expensive than anticipated. However, DO NOT BACK OUT OF A SALE IF YOU HAVE CLEARLY STATED THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING.

→ I ship from Massachusetts, USA in a pet/smoke free home!
I am willing to ship all around the world; please let me know your location in your comment so I can calculate your shipping cost!
→ Shipping prices are a combined total of necessary materials, shipping rate, and PayPal fees.
→ Please allow 3-5 days for shipment. You will be notified once your parcel has been shipped to you.

I have the right to refuse sale to any member!
→ I do not accept returns unless the wrong item was sent to you. Please inform me via LJ message or email if this occurs.
→ I am not responsible for any lost parcels in the mail. However, if your item arrived damaged, please inform me so we can work out an agreement. I normally package items very well to avoid this, but it can happen.

20171208_213228 20171209_092918

20171209_092630 20171208_213304

Eevee Collection Glaceon tote -- brand new, never opened -- $40
Eevee Collection 2012 Glaceon clear file -- like-new condition. $12
Glaceon Campus notebook -- brand new. $6
Glaceon Poké Doll figure -- has very small mark on the tip of its tail. Otherwise in excellent condition. $8
Glaceon PokéBox pin -- excellent condition -- $15
Glaceon Jakks figure -- excellent condition -- $18
Glaceon clear acrylic charm (by Rosewine on Etsy) -- excellent condition -- $2
Misc. fan-made Glaceon pins -- $1 each

Glaceon 'I Love Eevee' DX plush -- NWT -- $18
Glaceon Sitting PC plush -- NWT -- $14
Glaceon Banpresto Korotto Manmaru plush -- NWT -- $12
Glaceon 'I Love Eevee' Ball-chain plush -- excellent condition -- $8
Glaceon 'I Love Eevee' Sitting plush -- NWT -- $10
Glaceon TOMY keychain plush -- excellent condition -- $6
Glaceon Poké Doll ball-chain plush -- excellent condition -- $8
Glaceon Eevee Collection 2012 coaster -- excellent condition -- $3
Glaceon Movie pin -- excellent condition -- $5
Glaceon 3DS stylus -- excellent condition -- $1

Sleeping Chespin plush -- very good condition -- has been washed once. $27
JP Rowlet Poké Doll -- TTO, mint -- $18
San-ei Cubone plush -- TTO, mint -- $16
Chespin Christmas plush -- TTO, excellent condition -- $15

Chespin, Charmander, Squirtle sleeping figures -- excellent condition -- $3 each
Eevee 3DS XL case -- I recently upgraded to a 2DS XL and unfortunately no longer have a use for this. Yellowed due to age. -- Free with any purchase; may increase shipping costs.

Thank you so much for looking! Please enjoy the rest of your day!
Tags: charmander, chespin, cubone, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, squirtle, umbreon, vaporeon
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