leechid (leechid) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few gets

Got some packages in the mail so I thought I would share them :)

First thing is this mega bloks pokeball thing!! I dont really know much about those but it seemed interesting (Plus cheap??) so i put it in my order ^^"" If anyone have any info on this i would love to know! I was interested only in the mudkip and snorunt blocks that came in it tbh : o

Heres a pic of the contents:

Other than that I got a few charms and some arcade game discs(???)

Super happy finally getting the mimikyu kuji strap for a decent price!! And also growing my dragonite collection a bit ;v;

And last but not least are two mimikyu plushes that have been added to my collection!!
Super happy about that :>

Anyway thats all for now!! I hope everyone have a good holiday!!
Tags: gets
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