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Collection update@new home & sales are open now!

Hi everyone, I was busy organizing my collection in the past few days, and I'm happy to show you how my new Pokemon room looks like!

Read more under the cut:

My house back in Virginia had a large family room which we never used because it's on a lower level (we had a double split-level house built in 1968), and there were huge book shelves on both sides of the fire place, which were enough for all my plushes and figures to rest peacefully. But the new house in San Diego is smaller, the only built-in shelves are just steps away from the kitchen, I'm too worried that my plushes get dirty sitting close to the kitchen. I had to buy new shelves to be set up in a upper level small bedroom, I got 3 book shelves and a 4th with glass door... but still ran out of space before I could stuff all my plushes!

I have a large work bench for sewing in this room already, so the only space left is the closet.

Got a cubic shelf (it's on sale, only cost me $38) for all the Pokedolls that have nowhere to sit on my book shelves.
There's still some space on the left side, I hang a fabric closet organizer there, and put some boxes of fabric on the bottom. Forgot to take new picture...

After settling all the plushes, I started working on figures and misc items. Here's the cabinet with glass door heavily stuffed:

Actually I purchased 2 acrylic display cases with steps, but they arrived broken today. I'm waiting for refund, such bad luck!
The figures will be re-organized after I order new display cases.

And finally onto the wall display:

4 pin boards on the wall, and a cubic display frame with glass cover for my can badges. A small wall shelf for the precious Pokebox coins is also set up.
Here's a quick tip for putting up pin boards. I used to directly stick them to the dry wall using 3M tapes provided with the boards, one board was vey sturdy but the other fell dowm literally once a week. And when I peeled them off, parts of the dry wall came off too. This time I chose to screw them into the wall. If you hit a stud you'll be just fine, if there's no stud, use wall anchors. They are SUPER sturdy now!

So I'm finally done organizing my collection. Still there're some items put into storage because they're not easy to display (ok I'm just running out of space). Most of the collection was undamaged during the stressful move, but the moving company lost my Pokebox Espeon metal charm, and threw away my Eeveelution 3D puzzel flower pot. And what's the worst, they threw away my PCO Eevee cardboard box without asking. I know I should have kept an eye on it, but I had to take care of other household goods like our furniture and TV, I was already exhausted. I just don't want to move again... It's heartbroken when I realized those pieces are gone forever. I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to obtain that box again.

Here's a last picture of my Eevee plushes and that's end of the story! Hope you enjoy it!

Sales post is now open and new items are added!
Click HERE or the picture to go!

I have more items coming to the sales post hopefully next week, I haven't done taking pictures. I have Pokemon Center Eeveelution notebooks, Korean Pokemon Store Eeveelution notebooks and rare already-sold-out sticker sheet. I have an extra Christmas Eevee plush from last year that I'm not fully ready to part with... and some mega blocks, including a wink Eevee mega block. If you're interested keep an eye on my updates!

Thanks for reading, happy holidays!

↑ Did a huge update today!
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