2% Fat Free (2fat_free) wrote in pkmncollectors,
2% Fat Free

Collection website showcase;

Hi everyone again! I have an exciting show for everyone!!
I talked about my collection website for a long time, but now it is finally here and ready to show!

well, It's not completely done; but the templates are ready! so you can check out the webpages now, and watch it grow over time as I add stuff and whatnot :=)!! So I hope you will find it interesting. I will link it down below, please check it out if you have the time.

MOBILE USERS: Warning, I honestly haven't done the mobile editor yet; so if it does seem a little hard to navigate, then please know that is still a heavy work in progress for me!! I just got so excited once the desktop version was done, I had to show it. Maybe I should have waited until I finished the mobile version!? Ooops well, haha. It's okay, just something you guys can watch get edited over time too I guess! haha


Here is the link to my collection site, I need to make a banner, I would love to affiliate with some of you guys if you are so interested! :-) !!

ASDFGHJK now that I link it I see all the problems with it haha ^^; I guess that's par for the course though right? haha. The main page (home) will eventually have more images in the slideshow showcasing more of my stuff.

Thank you for reading, happy holidays; I can't wait until after christmas, I'm going to have sooo much more to add to the site, I'm really excited! Okay that's it for today! See you guys later :-)!
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