sei_ry (sei_ry) wrote in pkmncollectors,

clearfile auctions (finally!) & 10% off regular sales

Hello all! I've been super busy these past few months but I finally found the time to get all my clear files ready for auction. Auctions start at the time of posting and will end on Sunday, December 17 at 10PM EST. Starting bids range from $3-$15. For US buyers, shipping will be a flat $1.50 for non-A4 clearfiles and $3 for A4 clearfiles. If you are an international buyer, please ask about rates to your country--I require tracking to be added to all international orders. After auctions end, I will PM you if you won and you will have three days to send payment. I will ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment.

Additionally, I am offering 10% off my regular sales for the next two weeks. Auctions can be combined with regular sales for shipments. Click either image below to be redirected!

I was granted sales permission in December 2015 by areica96
& my PKMNCollectors feedback can be found here.

Tagging these users for having previously indicated interest in the clearfiles: meowgic, tifflesarcanine, tayran, hokeypokeyboop, film, gardeniapika, mega_quilava, orunitier, vulpixell
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