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Rare Sheepy Gets

Hello again, collectors!

I am very very excited to share my recent gets! Including my holy grail get I thought I would never ever have a chance to own!
The package came in today along with several other big packages!

(I am also still looking if anyone would be interested in a banner link on my collection website!, see it here: https://flotton.wixsite.com/mareep)

So what might this lot of packages be..?

Lets begin with... my holy grail, the very rare 2001 Tomy Wind Chimes!!

The chimes are very rare, with only one other known chime out there, which was originally in another Mareep collection, before getting passed around this community.
I was so so lucky to come across the chimes from another collector! She was kind enough to sell the chime to me after I made a post about it on a Facebook group. The chime is actually pretty heavy, but not too big and the chimes ring so softly and sweetly! It is a really pleasant sound.
Since I do not know much about the chimes, any information is appreciated! I do know that there were other chimes in this set (Pichu being the only one I know to have been in it).

This Johto lunch box is another cute get! I havent seen much pictures of it online, but I got it in an auction about 2 weeks ago. The box is from 2000 by a company called The Skater co ltd.

Additionally, another get are these 2013 Pokebox charms! Sadly no Mareep from the set, although managed to get the other two rare charms from the set! Flaaffy and Ampahros

and the back showing a cute bookmark:

I also managed to get the predecessor to Battle Museum of Mareep. The set is from Full Colour Stadium (FCS) and shows mareep in a protect stance on a white hexagon base. Sadly the base was missing its sticker to show Pokemon and battle data. But a cool get nevertheless!

Finally, a Pokedice featuring Mareep! The dice is quite big and is also known as a battle dice or cyclone dice!


So, altogether the package was an amazing addition to the sheep collection. now totalling 117 items!

Even with all the additions, why not expand more!

I am currently looking for several items, most importantly:

All three 2001 Banpresto Character Chibi Stampers (pink, blue, green)
2000/2001 Packaged Tomy figures
2000 Bandai Metal Figure Collection
2000 Tomy Medal Charm (Swing Charm)
2009 Pokémon Center Johto Handkerchief
2003 Ensky Red Retsuden Stamp
2013 Pokebox Stars Metal Charm

If you happen to know where to get these / are willing to sell them, I would really love to know! I have other wants as well, seen here: https://flotton.wixsite.com/mareep/wants and am open to getting any sleep else that I still dont own!

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your day!
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