jasonivich (jasonivich) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Great Gotochi Gets!

I received my Gotochi pins today!  I'm still missing a set (Fukuoka), and because of an error on my part, I am missing a pin from the Kanagawa set. Otherwise, I have collected 8 full sets, plus the new Osaka Gotochi pin set and the 2017 Halloween pin.  I have more coming soon, but for now, I'm very happy. ^.^

This is a tentative display, but I like it enough to keep it for a little while.  I hope to find the rest soon, but the Fuokuoka set has eluded me for a while now.  Every machine has been emptied out in Fukuoka, and I'm worried that if I find the set, it is going to cost a pretty penny.  If anyone knows where I can get them or owns them, let me know.  Here is what they look like:

I also have a newish pin wants post, here's the link: https://jasonivich.livejournal.com/2517.html

Thanks for looking!

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