mccatnip (mccatnip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Slowpoke Zukan Trade!

Hey all!

I finally hit 10 positive feedbacks on here so I have trade permission now! So I recently nabbed a second Slowpoke line zukan set from eBay and was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading for it! I'm mainly interested in the Slowpoke line merch (Slowbro grabby figure, Slowpoke kutakuta, etc.)as well as custom plush! I've attached some pictures we well; there are a couple marks and a paint rub on Slowbro that can be seen, and they sadly didn't come with the original base + pegs, but they're in pretty good condition!

Thanks for looking! Have a great day ^_^
Tags: slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, zukan
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